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Oct 14, 2012 4:30pm PDT
with miss dillan who is a great respectful of her party and an activist in the community. as i think that most californians know that we have spent a lot of time dealing with the issue of pension reform for the public sector workers and i think that we have reached a point where we can going forward deal with pensions in a much more sustain able fashion so that we won't see cities in particular having upwards of 25, 30 percent of the general fund having to go to pension obligations. of course, those promises already made must legally be adhered to. i have also said in a lot of time in this past year, looking at private sector employees in publicly traded corporations, who have seen their benefits wiped out and in many cases actually stolen by top executives who are shifting significant amounts of money to their benefit at the expense of those workers. >> thank you, the time limits are tough, aren't they? >> the next question for mr. leno is state proposition 35, asks if the definition of human trafficking should be expanded and penalties for traffickers increased, convicted sexual tr
Oct 10, 2012 8:30pm PDT
you. mr. leno. >> the 47 out of 50 states figure that miss dillan used is not in educational out comes it is in per pupil. we rank 47th. >> as a result we rank 50 as the number of counselors and the number of nurses in our schools and the number of libranias in. you get what you pay for. >> our state has been starved for cash for the past ten years as a result of tax cuts the state could not afford that the prior governor put on the credit cards. we need to provide significantly more funding not only through k-12 education which is the birth right of every child to be able to get a quality public education in my opinion and to be able to pursue the dream of a higher education and that is getting further and further out of the reach of children in california because the state does not support education. we need funding, we need to spend it on education. >> so, therefore, do you think that community colleges should perhaps change their focus? one idea is to focus on retraining unemployed workers and upgrading skills for new jobs. do you feel that the state should encourage this? and how?
Oct 17, 2012 5:00am PDT
percent in two weeks. it is currently polling in the 60s, i hope that it passes. >> thank you. miss dillan. >> i support it as well. and i am an attorney but i am a civil attorney, but speaking to prosecutor and judges, they agree that the instance of the three strikes law requires a lot of criminals to go to trial who would not otherwise because they have nothing to lose by rolling the dice. and so, it does not pose a cost at a criminal justice system but beyond that it is a moral matter that we have a problem as a society to sending someone to life in prison for a jonvaljon type of crimes and stealing a loaf of bread. i trust the judge to make the right in sentence and they should be given better discorrection in that regard. >> the reform of the death penalty is another issue, that you have to question where the dollars are being spent as to whether that is a good use of our resources. >> now we come to the closing statements. let me first remind you all that if you are not registered to vote, please do so right away and please urge your friends and family to regular as well. the deadli
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Oct 13, 2012 10:00pm PDT
what my family went through. when she was eight years old shasta and nine year old dillan was the subject of a massive manhunt after a violent abduction in idaho. >> i made it out okay. but my brother didn't. i wished it didn't happen that way. >> for the first time shasta now 15 speaks in detail about her ordeal to offer insight in the mind much a child sex predator. we were told that our family was still alive and they were going to be home when we came home and then, right before, we were told that we were going to be brought home, we were told they were not there anymore. my brother just kind of gave up home. - hope. >> the convicted sex predator blungoned her mom brenda and 13 year old brother slaid and fiance to death in the home invasion. i was trying to piece together what was happening. >> both children were abused by duncan before he torteur murdered nine year old dillan in a remote camp seat that shasta survived was a miracle. i was scared if i fought him something bad would happen. >> and after losing his family to brutal murder and for a time being the object
Oct 6, 2012 9:00am EDT
back. joining us now to answer your pet questions is dr. hammond. dillan was just running on a treadmill a second ago. >> dillan is so excited that the o's run. he is insane. go! we won the game! just have fun. congratulations, by the way torque the orioles. congratulations mr. angelo. did a good job. >> this is just a puppy. >> five years old actually. >> puppy. i have seen bigger ones than this. he's a small one. >> don't listen to john. >> i thought he was just a little pup. >> he's about the size of my shoe. >> they're interesting dogs. >> they are fun dogs. >> get to some questions here. she has an 11-month-old pure bred chow. really stubborn. whines all the time no matter what she does, he's never satisfied. is there anything i can do to help the problem. chows have a personality, don't they? they're kind of tough dogs. >> they do. but a lot of that is probably inactivit inactivity. if they're whining they probably have so much energy. all dillan wants to do is have fun and play, have fun and play. probably have to provide an environment where this dog really is exer
Oct 27, 2012 6:30pm PDT
a dillan. >>si quiere ver esta historia y conocer más detalle, visite >>goles del fútbol mexicano y español >>así es, méxico cuenta con la pirmera escuela que formará a los mariachis. despertar, cómo asegurarse de que el disfraz de sus niños no sea peligroso. y, también, cómo prevenir caer víctima de la adicción a la tecnología~ además, cómo hacerle frente a la soledad, lo que algunos considan una epidemia hoy en día. te toco cubrir a irene hace un año >>si, estoy muy preocupada por mis compañeros de la gran manzana >>el que esta preocupado es pele, esta a punto de romperle el record. >>messi con doblete. >>arranquemos con fútbol mexicano. >>comenzo la fecha 15 con una goleada de fieras, panzas verdes reciben a chiapas, anotaciones de matías brito, luis montes, hernan darios burbano y pe ña con esto, celebran su clasificación. >>manchester city por delante, ganan y se mantienen en segundo lugar de la tabla de posiciones. >>arsenal con varias oportunidad, luego el juego sigue cero a cero. >>buscaban el partido, la cuarta fue la vencida,. tres punto
Oct 17, 2012 11:00pm PDT
for a second term. so that we can continue the good work that we started. thank you. >> dillan >> i am a first generation immigrant and i came from india and from the south, and i am a civic attorney and i believe in the american dream and as it is exercised here in the beautiful city of san francisco and the state of california where i chose to live, but many california voters are voting with their feet and they are voting with their feet to leave the state of california. they are moving to nevada, texas and other parts of the country where they are less taxed and regulated and less burdened by rules such as calorie count on the menus such as the regulations regarding home care workers, it does not make sense to start a new business here in california. and frankly that is where the taxes come from in most states they come from businesses. as the businesses flee you are going to see the tax base flee and as legislatures such as senator leno continue to pass more legislation that impedes the freedom of business and citizens to exercise their rights you are going to see them vote with their fee
Search Results 0 to 32 of about 33 (some duplicates have been removed)